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Funding for worlds

Get sponsored for your WebXR world. Add your URL, set up Stripe, and get payouts when sponsors visit.
You're in control, with tools like A-Frame and Babylon.

avaer pushed Forest01.html


$210 per month

How it works

We use magical technology to merge your WebXR world into Exoland.

We pay you a sponsorship based on visits.

In exchange, you agree to the Sponsored Creator License.

Creator License

  • We pay to use your world, based on popularity.
  • You keep ownership, but agree not to host anywhere else.
  • Open source and remixing allowed.

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Get started

1Open a Github issue with your WebXR world URL.Add World

2Onboard your account with Sponsored Creator License and Stripe Connect.Onboard Account

3Enjoy being sponsored for building your WebXR world.Check Payouts